100 yen sushi house

This also implied that management is aware of quality product and responsible for hygienic food. Besides, such a unique system of delivering dishes help the owner of the restaurant to outline, which plates were taken the most, and which were taken the least; thus, helping him to order large amounts only of such products that are used in the most popular sushi, and less quantity of that products that are used in the least popular sushi.

There is a round table, with thirty stools around it, where the customers sit and have their sushi. How has the Yen Sushi House incorporated the just-in-time system into its operations? That is why they initiated to dispose uneaten sushi.

One of the most important problems of such restaurant may become a question of hygiene. September 16, Page 2 of 4 Q. The Yen Sushi House is an innovation in the restaurant business; it is a unique restaurant that has no analogues in the world.

Operations Management Group Case Study 2: It is very popular with the Japanese, who are tired of the modern technologies, as well as with tourists, who are seeking something new and unusual.

The rate at which customers enter the restaurant, remove dishes from the food train, and leave the restaurant determines the flow of the delivery process.

The house features an ellipsoid-shaped serving area in the middle of the room, where inside three cooks were busy preparing sushi. For example, it can be applied in auto- manufacturing, fast-food, householdappliance etc. Besides, chefs and other workers of the restaurant are willing to maintain such high quality of food served in the Yen Sushi House.

100 Yen Sushi House

On the other hand, Yen Sushi House has a special system of total quality control, which helps managers to provide customers with the most qualitative food and conditions.

The restaurant is owned by a family, who created such a working atmosphere in their restaurant that every single worker feels as being a part of the big family.

It is also worth mentioning that all the products in Yen Sushi House are fresh, and are not frozen to be used again, which makes them stay healthy.

This is also an example of application of JIT principle known as Kanban. They have tradition of chorus of the iratsai welcome and Arigato Gosaim as thank you. Moreover, they use to put right number of Sushis plate at right time based on continuous observation on the conveyor belt.

Fast food Human Resource Q. It is worth noting that quality of food is very important for the owner of the restaurant; that is why fish for sushi is delivered several times a day, which is a prove that a customer will always get the freshest sushi with the most qualitative products. There idea to vary the quantity not the price is the major differentiation.

It also signals about the time of customers coming and leaving. Another problem may become that sea food, which gets spoilt very fast.

First of all, because we are all humans and every person may become sick: Another advantage of this restaurant is that there is no cashier desk, but there is a cashier. On the other hand, it is a great advantage that there is no cash desk in the restaurant, because no cash is stored in the restaurant, which makes it impossible to rob the Yen Sushi House.

Such system of delivering and presenting food made Yen Sushi House the restaurant popular not only in Tokyo, but all over the country. Besides, customers do not have to wait for their food, because they take only food that is ready, which is very useful for the customers, especially for those, who are willing to have a snack, prefer to have healthy food, and do not have much time.

Even if a dish stays there longer than thirty minutes, it is taken by a worker, who is about to have a little break.

Likewise the same concept is also used by fast-food restaurants as McDonalds and Burger King where relatively few modules like cheese, lettuce, buns, sauces, pickles, meatpatties, French fries make a variety of meals. It is obvious that some dishes may be more or less expensive, that is why some plates contain more portions of sushi and some of them less; nevertheless, the price of every plate of sushi remains the same.

For example, all the employees are charged with the task of monitoring the prepared sushi and removing the old sushi dishes from the serving train after 30 minutes so that sushi quality will maintained and always fresh. Special system counts how many plates a customer has taken and multiplies it by one hundred, which is also very useful and easy to operate with.Read this essay on Yen Sushi House.

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at billsimas.com". Free Essay: Yen Sushi House Qiyang Huangfu * Prepare a service blueprint for the Yen Sushi House operation.

* What features differentiate Yen. The main differentiating factor of Yen Sushi House is its production line from MGT at Baruch College, CUNY%(40). The Yen Sushi house service deliveries can be adopted in other services area which focuses repetitive type of processes. For example, it can be applied in auto-manufacturing, fast-food, household appliance etc.

Human Resource Q. 3 How has the Yen Sushi House incorporated the just-in-time system into its operations?

100 Yen Sushi House Case Study

1. Receives fish only when it is needed 2. Making quality the responsibility 3. Yen also uses a kanban system Q. 4 Suggest other services that could adopt the Yen Sushi House service delivery concept. Yen Sushi House is exactly the showcase of Japanese productivity, which is a famous sushi restaurant in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo.

Yen Sushi House utilizes ‘just-in-time’ and total quality control systems to prepare food and serve customers to improve productivity in the workplace. It.

100 yen sushi house
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