Anaylisis of mother to son

The speaker in this poem is a mother who gives advice to her beloved son, who may also be seen to represent the younger generation. However, she has kept climbing, through landings, corners and darkness in spite of such discomforts.

The mother sets her own example by saying that she is still walking on that path and climbing that metaphorical staircase of life. She does not want him to lose courage and start descending, or get tired, sit down to rest and not Anaylisis of mother to son climbing. Despite all the challenges the mother kept moving forward and also faced times of confusion and uncertainty.

Mother and Son

Would he strive to represent his race in poetry, and be a self-consciously black poet, or would he reject a racial poetic identity, as poets like Countee Cullen would try to do? Would he look to his African-American cultural heritage for inspiration, or was the black American experience, and its tradition of artistic expression, somehow outside the conventional boundaries of poetry?

She says that for her life has not been a staircase made of crystal. Yet the phrasing is also colloquial in the sense that it is ordinary, unpretentious, and informal. The language also imparts a charged colloquial element to the poem.

These were difficult questions for the young writer, and if we read "Mother to Son" in terms of these concerns, we see the poet struggling to come to terms with them. He finds a way to move forward, to keep climbing.

Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this 5-page Mother to Son study guide and get instant access to the following: The mother teaches the that he should never collapse under the pressures that life puts him through.

The mother compares the journey through life to ascending a staircase. From Norton Websource to American Literature http: The poem is based on the theme of advice given by a mother to her son. She inspires her son by saying that she has always strived for a better life and even he must continue to do so.

She tells the boy to do the same and have the courage to move forward without ever turning back. The poet passes the message that one must persevere to make his life better and not be discouraged by the adversities that one may have to face.

She tells her son that she faced these challenges and hardships, but she never gave up and continued her journey with patience and resilience. The entire section is 1, words. But in the later poem, Hughes makes explicit the connection between the speaker and larger issues of African- American culture, as the figure of "The Negro Mother" comes to be seen not simply as an old woman talking to her children, but as, in some sense, the voice of African-American history itself, recounting its arduous struggle "that the race might live and grow.

The tone of the poem is didactic, encouraging, and hopeful. The poem is written in the form of a dramatic monolgue in black dialect. The second line continues the emphasis on colloquial phrasing.

Structural Analysis This is a short free verse poem containing twenty lines, which are without any regular rhythm or formal rhyme scheme. What then are the implications of this imaginative projection? The dilapidated staircase is also representative of the poor living conditions of the Black Americans under the tyranny of the Whites.

He hears in her song his own voice.The mother is telling her son that life has been difficult for her, and there have been barriers to her success. Dialect is also used in the poem. Dialect is the special kind of speaking certain.

The simple, straightforward title of the poem “Mother to Son,” by the African-American poet Langston Hughes (), clearly identifies both the speaker of the work and the person to whom.

An Analysis of "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes.

What literary elements does Langston Hughes use to demonstarte the message in

Often times, many individuals encounter problems in their lives and need advice and inspiration in order to maintain a sense of optimism.5/5(2). "Mother to Son," one of Langston Hughes's earliest poems, takes the form of a dramatic monologue; that is, a poem spoken not in the poet's own voice but in that of a particular imagined speaker, in this case a weary mother addressing her son.

The son, as we can surmise from the first line, has either asked his mother a question or complained of. The poem is a conversation between a mother and a son. It is a monologue by the mother where she tells her son that life has never been easy for her.

She says she has faced a lot of troubles in the journey of her life but continues to move ahead. The speaker in this poem is a mother who gives advice to her beloved son, who may also be seen to represent the younger generation.

Since the mother has successfully faced the challenges of life, she wishes her son to be courageous and bold in the face of these challenges and to also succeed in life.

Anaylisis of mother to son
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