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Everything about that Axact design is fake. I specifically sold summits a platform to bring industries together for business in a reputable multinational company. University, Govt Departments, Corporate organisations etcTheir total revenue, Their total assets, reason why CEO pays only RS 26 as tax, how are they able to have monthly Mega parties pics on their websites whcih even Google, Apple, Microsoft dont do.

Thank you for your post. Being oriented towards innovative productivity in our work, Axact Design comes up with essential tools for online business enhancing. Our programming specialists focus on delivering solutions for small start-ups as well as large organizations and companies.

Mashalkhan who the fuck are you to decided that Axact has run any illegal busines. Axact design skills are cutting-edge technologies, operating environments, platforms and other tools that we use are carefully selected for every project. Posted by Axact Design at. Lets the court decide who is right and who is wrong.

May be it will give us new focus on corruption in our society since we have been stuck in war mood for too long and ignored other issues in the society.

Axact Design

We are able to offer software development services rendered by best professionals in this field. Anonymous Obviously its illegal.

Why I Left Axact? The Inside Picture.

Today, Axact Design is a mid-sized company, with a strong motivated and highly skilled team of technical specialists project managers, system analysts and architects, developers, testers and it is still growing.

It was supposedly going to launch a TV channel in Pakistan when a New York Times report exposed the alleged fraud this month. It was established inthe basic idea for business initiation was to bring a harmonized, strong motivated and highly skilled team of specialists into a very mature and well-designed IT outsourcing business process in order to make a difference in the service value.

The software company has described the case against it as a conspiracy by rival media groups, and insisted it was not involved in any illegal activity. These websites are designed and developed here in Karachi.

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Shaikh and several others were detained on charges of fraud, forgery and cybercrime, Hayat said. Reuters reported that the interior ministry had written to the FBI seeking assistance. Googlethe total worth. From its website design websites to its degree websites.

None of the companies in Pakistan operate on this level not do they benefit Pakistani economy. According to the New York Timesactors were used to play the parts of academics and students in videos on some of the websites. The concept of Axact Design in outsourcing services is based on a holistic approach, where the key word is value-to-customer.

I appreciate your love for Pakistan. Accordingly, Axact Design has defined an outsourcing service based on the following 5 pillars: U all should asham and go to hell. In every multinational cooperation you are taught to add a story for the customer to buy now rather than later, this is reiterated twice to close the prospect.

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I have worked in the cold call industry for several years and never came across a single moment where I have to lie to secure a sale. Billy I completely endorse this article.May 18,  · Axact does have regular software activities, mainly in website design and smartphone applications, former employees say.

Another business unit. My experience in Communication design allows me to look at elements from the perspectives of the users / customers. My education in Business Administration provides me with strong knowledge of business disciplines to better understand the consumer behavior and psychology of users and how they interact with digital products and applications.

May 19,  · The Very Busy Lives of Fake Professors at Bogus Online Universities, as Told Through Stock Photos Axact’s main business has been to take the centuries-old scam of ranging from Web design. Exact Design Custom Embroidery, Sodus, NY.


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Custom Embroidery5/5(9). Axact has been accused of running hundreds of websites purporting to belong to colleges with names similar to prestigious institutions such as the universities of “Barkley” and “Columbiana”. Exacta Designs Engraving offers custom engraved gifts, nameplates, wedding gifts, sports awards, corporate gifts, horse show awards, employee recognition items, Fireman and Police Achievement Awards, pilot certificate plaques and much more.

Axact design
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