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All members of the ethics committee take responsibility for learning techniques of ethical analysis see Bioethics Tools and the arguments surrounding most of the ethically charged issues in clinical practice.

Essay Example: The Tiv Concept of a Good Man:

This latter representative can come from a number of disciplines, including philosophy, law, medicine, theology, and anthropology. Certain names such as; ormbatsav, wizard ormbaiv, thief orifer, wicked man and so on, are bad names that are not just rejected or to be avoided but has follow by adequate punishment.

See page for authors Course Lecturers: That is to say in this discussion, man is used in the generic sense. Such a woman is said to be good. Just as earlier stated in this paper, one identifies an ethical person by his hospitality, love, concern for common good, mercifulness, sympathy, respect, justice, forgiveness, impartiality and so on.

She never snubbed people and was never too conscious of her attractive appearance. What does an ethics committee or program do?

Such a woman is not qualified to be described as beautiful or good woman. Thus, before getting into the main task of this segment, it is pertinent to briefly trace the word Tiv and then consider what they Tiv acknowledge Ethics of tiv traditional institutions in Goodman.

This topic page will discuss the role and activities of these groups. He stands to gain his good deeds either directly or indirectly. Thus, the additional goals of expanded ethics programs include: It is on the above notion that this paper tends to discuss the Tiv concept of Goodman bringing out the qualities in question, taking cognizance of the African ethical perspectives.

This does not mean physical hands per se, but characters. This he enjoys the benefits of obedience. People believe in you and in you they lay their trust. Afa kwagh kpishi — he is perfectly good it emphasizes good manners Awa iyuhe ga — he is not jealous Ka or u ifer ga — he is not a wicked man 92 The above contentions indicate moral stand, qualifying one to achieve ancestorship in Tiv Tradition.

This kind of Goodman, the informant describes it a mockery sort of. It is a system of mores which spell out the behaviour of those who are Africans and which essence is to promote the interest, the general harmony and well being of its members. While evil or negative actions disrupt the created orderliness and breed suffering and sickness among others.

Thus, it is not uncommon for committee members to include clinicians physicians and nurses from medicine, surgery, and psychiatry, social workers, chaplains, and community representatives.

On one hand is a person who has passion, concern or consideration on people he lives with, a person who is a philanthropist. The Tiv people have an example of a guiding principle given approval to a woman as beautiful which is contained in the song: Man cannot live a complete life in isolation from others.

Taking tent with the above informant, Tyu Abeghe Oral interview observed that, Ordedoo is one who lives exemplary life. While the opposite, such as greed, selfishness, injustice, theft, criminal, arrogance, fornication and adultery is generally frown at.

These theories such as Hedonism, utilitarianism Epicureanism, eudemonism to mention a few, evolve around the consideration of what is good to be done and acceptable and what is evil or bad to be avoided and rejected.

Following the line of argument established above, one may be convincingly prompted to ostulate that, Goodman in Tiv conception revolves around the characters of a person in question. Thus, just like other races, African peoples have a deep sense of right and wrong.

CONCLUSION By way of conclusion, it is important to point out emphatically that the Tiv understanding of man and his existence is that of struggling to maintain the harmony desired of him, chaos or evil is highly rejected. She had compassion, a quality most often lacking in women of her kind.

In the instance of deviation he is considered a bad person and thus is responsible for the severe consequences Anshi In Tiv thought system, it is believed that good deeds are always accompanied by reward. Eschatology in Tiv Traditional Religious Culture.

The African morals lay a great emphasis on social conduct, since the basic African view is that the individual exists only because others exist. She was the shining example to be referred to by all women who wanted to bring up their daughter. Tiv traditional ethics like that of other Africans is based purely on their tradition, customs, norms and prohibitions of actions which one ought to do and those things considered bad to be avoided.

Thus, Tiv people generally frown at greed, selfishness, injustice, theft, criminal activities, killing cruelly, disrespect, arrogance, fornication and adultery. He is accorded respect and recognition. Such harmony as establish above is an example of a really beautiful woman.

It is also worthy of note that understanding who the Tiv people are, is necessary for providing the background to this paper. This implies that, good life attracts good reward while bad life attracts punishment.The measure of ethical success within institutions of higher learning has always been important, but no more so than in today's environment of regulatory and public scrutiny.

Advisors, as a part of their institution, are accountable to it in a legal and moral is important that advisors operate within the constraints of ethical standards. implementing analytics in an institution of higher education: an experience report. Journal of Learning Analytics, 1(1), – This article chronicles two attempts to develop a learning analytics initiative with the intention of developing retention programs.

This effort. Cultural Ethos in Traditional African Performances: The Tiv Nyamtswam in Perspective By Mbachaga Desen Jonathan Ph.D Department of Theatre and Media Studies, University of Calabar - Nigeria Email:[email protected], Mobile Number: + - & Ukuma, Teryila Shadrach Department of Theatre Arts Benue State University Makurdi Email: [email protected] +.

The traditional custom of Yamshe in Tiv marriage institution was abolished by the British colonial administration with active support of the vii Christian Church and the Tiv Youth. With the abolition of the Yamshe system, changes began to creep into the marriage practices of the Tiv people.

More recently, some ethics committees, particularly those affiliated with academic institutions and large health care systems, have expanded their traditional functions to become more comprehensive ethics. Ethics of Tiv Traditional Institutions in Enhancing the Development of the Tiv Nation By Terfa Kahaga Anjov, Ph.D Department of Religion and Philosophy Benue State University, Makurdi [email protected] a "study abroa Abstract Leadership positions are meant to serve the diverse people in any culture.

Ab initio, there were no chiefs in Tivland.

Ethics of tiv traditional institutions in
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