Evaluation of strategies used in etisalat united arab marketing essay

The company has significant strengths that balance out its weaknesses. Etisalat management recognizes the importance and responsibility of balancing profitability and growth with long-term sustainability.

We will divide our discussion of the ratios into five categories based on the information provided: The timeline for completion of migration is the end of In the event that the foreign ownership ban is lifted, they anticipate a rise in turnover and share price.

It gave way for new entrants to rush in and occupy part of the market which was initially controlled by the giant Etisalat. Swot Analysis Etisalat Telecommunications enjoys a healthy position.

It has effectively utilized its experience of setting up Greenfield operations in Mobily in Saudi Arabia to the market in Egypt.

Report About Financial Analysis About Etisalat Uae Finance Essay

The company does provide customer training services which may escalate its expenses further. Such plans could help train its users on the usage of Internet services without having to incur further lose on direct customer training.

Sample Essay on Strategic Management Process of Etisalat

Internet telephone which is being offered by the new industries could snatch buyers from the traditional telecom companies thus limiting revenue. Nonetheless, the rate of entry into the industry is relatively low when there are less financial opportunities for potential investors LUFTMAN, There has been an increase in third party relationships consisting of numerous system integrators and consulting firms to improve marketing, customer support and sales.

If Etisalat obtains approval to change to a corporation licensed by commercial law, then it would become eligible for foreign ownership. Currently, only UAE nationals are allowed to trade the stock.

This is because most telecom companies treat the basic services as a commodity. Throughout our forecast period, they believe that internet and broadband subscribers will be the next revenue growth driver, with broadband subscribers capturing the bulk of this growth.

Already, music, books and services no longer have to have a physical format to be sold online. Similarly, the introduction of internet-based messaging services like whatsApp has also eaten up a portion of revenue earned by the traditional telecom companies UAE, Threats Apparently, there is strong growing competition in the industry in UAE.

External analysts use ratios to decide whether to grant credit, to monitor financial performance, to forecast financial performance, and to decide whether to invest in the company. We can use several tools to evaluate a company, but some of the most valuable are "financial ratios".

The targeted population for this research will include the following: The three developed regions such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai have attracted international market with many people flowing from different parts of the world for business UAE, What is the criterion that has been adopted by Etisalat to hire both nationals and emigrants in their organization?

Since then it has established itself as a regional pioneer by introducing both 3G and MMS inand most recently, the BlackBerry service in Improve the understanding of UAE organizations and people about Emiratization and its policies.

Currently, Etisalat is in discussions with both the UAE government and the capital market authorities to change it to a corporation governed by commercial law.This document is about the dissertation project that elaborates the UFone success strategy with reference to regional perspective.

The Pricing Strategies and Programs of Etisalat - Essay Example

It includes a research to do an extensive study on U fone in Pakistan enabling readers to closely understand the company success and firm establishment in Pakistan. United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates. Strategic Management Process of Etisalat Introduction.

Found in the Middle East, Etisalat is telecommunications business and the largest corporations in the 6 Arab countries under the Gulf Cooperation Council. ? construct a full Marketing Plan for one specific product or service of the company, comprising the student?s recommended strategies for marketing and supporting the product or service in the UAE market during the business year Competition Forces Change of Strategy in Etisalat - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.5/5(1).

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Evaluation of strategies used in etisalat united arab marketing essay
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