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Luningning and their topic for the day is about measurements particularly the area of squares. Calamba City, Laguna Date of Visit: This will help the teacher on how he or she would deal with students.

The specific response form that emerges is a fresh construction created by the momentary motivational state and the spatial-temporal distribution of various distal and contact discriminative-incentive stimuli in the situation.

In the cognitive aspect, wherein the intellectual operation from the lower level of simple recall of information to more complex one and the high- level of thinking process.

First, the teacher explains the topic itself, and then gives more examples so that the students will understand it better. After giving sample problems, the students are asked to participate.

These and related working assumptions are shown to clarify certain long-standing problems of behavior theory and to provide a basis for deriving satisfactory interpretations of several hitherto perplexing phenomena of conditioning, motivational modulation of instrumental behavior, and observational learning.

The strategy used by the teacher is very effective because the students will be able to relate their experiences and all the other things that they know in constructing a sentence. Luningning The traditional chalk, eraser and blackboard were used by the teacher. They are particularly discussing about Proper and Common Nouns and the students are asked to make their own constructed sentences out of the given proper and common nouns.

Paste a copy of such article here. It was really an experience to be remembered. It is very effective, so that the teacher will know if the topic discussed was retained on the students mind and if the students really understand the subject topic that was discussed.

She used the charts so that the students will be able to see clearly the kinds and layers of the soil; the chalk, eraser and blackboard for additional key words and examples for the pupils; and the microphone so that even the students are many inside the classroom they will be able to hear her properly.

The manila paper serves as visual aids for the students, wherein the topic to be discussed was written; chalk, eraser and blackboard are used for additional notes that will help the students. As I observed all the principles as shown by the different teachers they have their own way on how they achieved the: A motivational view of learning, performance, and behavior modification.

It is proposed that central motivational states, generated by the joint influence of organismic-state variables and unconditioned or conditioned incentive stimuli, influence the response-eliciting potency of particular situational stimuli.

This type of approach is very effective because the students will also enhance their social interaction with his or her other classmates aside from their mental skills to solve the given problem, the reason why is that after answering the question, the students are asked to explain on how and what did they do to answer the question.THE REVISED KATARUNGANG PAMBARANGAY LAW (SectionsChapter 7) Title One, Book III, and SectionBook IV, Title I, fs2 episode1 phpapp01; DC CaseStudy3 Educ; ScanCRM failed to enter asian market © billsimas.com ← Go back to bartleby © billsimas.com Episode 1: Principles of Learning 9.L e a r n i n g Process.

12 | F i e l d S t u d y 2: E x p e r i e n c i n g t h e Te a c h i n g. Documents Similar To fs2-episodefsphpapp Field Study 2 Episode 2 Lesson Objectives as My Guiding Star. Free Essay: EPISODE 1: PRINCIPLES OF LEARNING Name of FS Student: Sarah Jane B.

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Cabilino Course, Year & Section: BEEd III Resource Teacher: Mrs. Elenita. Fs 2 Episode 3 Answers quotes - 1. Well, nine times out of ten when you have 2 or 3 stars in a household you have an unfortunate amount of competition that's not necessarily a healthy competition.

Read more quotes and sayings about Fs 2 Episode 3 Answers. fs2 episode1 phpapp Topics: Intelligence, Identify exemplary cooperating teacher/s to handle pre-service teacher’s exposure for FS2.

4. Coordinate with site coordinator and TEI’s on the assignment of student teachers.

5. Monitor and provide feedback on the performance of student teachers to TEI’s 6.

Fs2 episode1 130322235456 phpapp01
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