Fun summer trips for college students

This college road trip has a blend of partying if you choose and mellow laid-back fun. Take a trip to a local landmark or just see where the road takes you! Keep in mind—when you are a poor, broke college student, wherever you plan to go or whatever you plan to do usually becomes much cheaper by bringing your friends along.

It will save you big bucks in the long run. Take a road trip Pile in the car with some good friends and some good music. For college students on a budget, it combines water fun with non-stop nightlife, as well as the opportunity for cheap accommodations and flights.

These are not ordered in a way that means that one is better than another. Also, check out the National for a cocktail at the bar on their huge wrap-around porch.

Rock climbing requires team work, if you dare to brave the most daunting cliffs. Many rock climbers are happy to be accompanied by others who share their same love of the adrenaline rush they receive from hanging hundreds of feet up! You can experience more than the average visitor and get involved in the religious and cultural life of Thai people by providing childcare or building houses.

Conquer boredom with these free-time fillers that happen to be free of charge as well. East Coast Beach House There is nothing like an east coast getaway for the week with friends at a beach house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Cabin at the Slopes Another amazingly rewarding option for broke college students is a ski trip.

But, you never know what you are going to get with couch-surfing. Note before you go: Set off across the country from east to west, up or down the California or Pacific coast, to the bottom of the east coast to the beaches or road trip to famous attractions. Take advantage of traveling with friends by riding in one car and having everyone pitch in to split the cost of gas.

For adventure lovers, combination packages are available that fuse volunteerism with outdoor excursions like kayaking, bamboo rafting and elephant riding.

Top 10 college student destinations

The Pacific and Ocean beach neighborhoods of San Diego hold some of the best value hostels considering what you get for what you pay. If you know a friend who has it, borrow it—ask them to come with you, and show you the ropes while you are at it!

Free and Cheap Summer Trips in Wisconsin for College Students

So round up some friends and get going. Need Money to Pay for College? Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas is a huge party — whether you gamble or not. Giving back will be sure to make you feel great about the way you spent your summer. For more tips, check out my Arizona and New Mexico road trip tips.

You may also find student rates available at the park. Spring Break College Road Trip: Road Trip with Friends Everyone needs to see the American countryside sometime in their life! Niagara Falls can satisfy that for cash-strapped youth. Las Vegas Pack everyone into one vehicle, and hit the road for the city lights on the Vegas Strips.

This will be one long party — whether you drink or not! Go to concerts Summer is the perfect time to get together with friends and go to a concert or outdoor music festival.

Camping Getaway Camping has been and always will be a cheap option for students—especially if you already have a tent!

Camping at the festival saves on hotels, so get a weekend pass to take advantage of all the amenities offered while you are there! Although hostels are less common in America than countries in Europe, you can still find them in major cities and beaches up the Pacific shores.

It has its own beach with cocktail service and bands that play all afternoon into the night. Some of these festivals are easily visited on a budget, and include an overnight stay at the campsite. There are many kind people out there that would love to host you for the night and show you around town, so take them up on the offer!

Try to stay on Rt. What makes Miami even better is how close it is to the Florida Keys — make your college road trip even better and road trip it through the Keys to Key West and enjoy an even rowdier and crazier party scene.

Over winter break… Thailand Volunteer in Thailand … and make time for elephant rides Make your vacation count for something a little extra by volunteering over winter break in Thailand.In the words of Alice Cooper, school’s out for summer.

If you’re a college student, you’re relieved to be finished with finals, rid of your weird roommates and away from the book-laden world of academia—at Continue reading. For college students on a budget, it combines water fun with non-stop nightlife, as well as the opportunity for cheap accommodations and flights.

Note before you go: Spanish is Puerto Rico’s dominant language, so brush up on. 12 Summer Bucket List Ideas for College & Grad Students There’s so much fun to be had during the summer months and you don’t want to miss out on all of the memories and experiences that come along with it!

Affordable Travel Destinations for Broke College Students. By Alyssa Ochs. Follow Trips To Discover on Facebook! But if you’ve been struck with wanderlust and can’t wait until spring break or the summer to plan a trip, this might be a great time to ditch the all-nighters and dining hall food for a little real-life education and a party.

Despite the fact that summer marks the peak tourist season in Paris, Hotwire insists that students can save big on a warm-weather trip this.

After the chaos of an academic year, the slowness of summer can be jolting. Here's a list of 50 ways to stay entertained during a college summer. For Students & Parents. College Life Outside the Classroom Before Arriving Academics Summer is prime time for water park fun -- as long as you remember the suntan lotion.

Fun summer trips for college students
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