Harmful effects of teen smoking essay

Greater awareness and deeper knowledge of the harmful effects of cigarette smoking can discourage young people from taking up this deadly habit by appealing to their common sense and better judgment, thereby allowing them to choose not to smoke. Nicotine stays along the arteria wall doing it to go thickened and less elastic.

More frequently than non. Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing. Nicotine pushes the bosom to work faster- times more beats per minute. These effects can be reduced but not entirely reversed by quitting. Smoking irritates and damages the respiratory tract. Everytime a smoker lights a new cigarette, the fresh dose of nicotine puts additional stress on the cardiovascular system.

The array of noxious chemicals packed in a coffin nail can for good and drastically affect wellness. The biologic basis for disease in adults and children, 4th Ed, St. Plaques can also break, creating blood clots, which completely block an artery and can be very fatal.

Unfortunately, along with each cigarette is the need for another cigarette, thus furthering the addiction uncontrollably. Babies born to female parents who smoked in gestation are more likely to decease of SIDS sudden baby decease syndrome.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Smoking irritates and amendss the respiratory piece of land. Retardation in lung growth during childhood means that the lungs may never attain normal function. As these plaques or thickened secretions develop and hardened, the progress of Atherosclerosis causes even more serious problems in the cardiovascular system, such as heart attack and stroke.

The impairment in the lung map associated with COPD is straight related to continuance of smoke and the figure of coffin nails smoked.

These alterations can take to malignant neoplastic disease. Teens find acceptance by peers if they smoke too.Smoking is a habit which individuals find difficult to quit.

Many people make preparations for months in their effort to get rid of the habit, Many teenagers smoke because of depression and stress, but they should know by now that smoking kills you from the inside the are many ways to solve problems like those but one of them is NOT smoking.

Teenagers. in peculiar may be excessively self-satisfied about smoking because they believe falsely that they can smoke for a few old ages and quit without enduring any long-run effects.

This complacence is apparent in the research survey.

Harmful Effects of Teen Smoking Essay Sample

which shows that adolescent smoking rates have increased to 2 % in to 2 % in Harmful effects of smoking Doan Thi Huong Thao BAIU International University HCMC Academic English 2 Bien Thi Thanh Mai Instructor May 17, Abstract Smoking is known to be a primary cause of harmful effects on health, family, environment and society.

A cause effect essay The causes and effects of smoking among students Smoking is one of the most dangerous widespread phenomena that threatens lives of a huge number of people worldwide. How did smoking get started?

The effects smoking has on teens and more are in this essay. smokers and nonsmokers that breathe secondhand smoke. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, and more deaths occur from lung cancer than from any other type of cancer.

Smoking is the major cause of lung cancer/5(5). Human body is very vulnerable to harmful effects of smoking, and it can harm our heart, lungs, blood circulation, bones, stomach, mouth, eyes, skin, reproduction and fertility.

Smoking effect on heart and lung in very serious manner, in case of heart nicotine raises blood pressure and blood gets clot easily.

Harmful effects of teen smoking essay
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