Low impact logging business plans

There are many advantages in using smaller and less expensive log-moving equipment, but such equipment is just now becoming available in this country.

Look in local classified ads and on Craigslist. Tom has seen many changes in logging.

How to Start a Wood Cutting & Logging Business

They are considering several suppliers for a stationary sawmill. Approach a large bank that has a track record of assisting in the startup of innovative business. A native of St. It has also been an informal motivator of sorts. When Tom is harvesting trees on state or federal land, the government closely oversees the job.

Low-impact logging

Low impact means that large, strong trees are not harmed, only stunted trees that have not been able to reach sunlight. When a repair involves more than pounds of lifting, he gets help from a mobile mechanic.

Tom, a member of the Colorado Timber Association, summed up his business philosophy in one sentence. Pine Marten Logging is based in Eagle, a town of 3, residents about miles west of Denver. Nine years ago, the average diameter of a tree was They will often allow you to keep the wood for free as long as you clean up the mess.

A log splitter is a helpful piece of machinery, but can be costly. To get a Diamond and an operator to Vail, Tom needed help. If the snow gets deeper than six feet, Pine Marten Logging moves to a lower elevation.

He contracts infrequently with a logger who fells oversize timber with a chain saw, although he does not have much need for his help. Felling trees can be particularly dangerous. He also has worked closely with Peter Reifel and Yves Lamay, two product support technicians at Risley; they have been superb resources to him, according to Tom.

Expand your business to include the sale of sawdust from your saw mill, if you have one. The University of new Brunswick forestry program suggests that a new harvester has a lifespan of five years of continual use.Low Impact Logging is located in Butternut, Wisconsin.

This organization primarily operates in the Logging Camps and Contractors business / industry within the Lumber and Wood Products, Except Furniture sector. This organization has been operating for.

How to Start a Low-Impact Logging Company

Starting a Business; Business Plans; Getting Financing; Office Setup; Marketing & Sales; Running Your Office; If you would like to start a small one or two-man logging business, consider this approach.

Let people know that you log with horses which are a low environmental impact way of. If you love the outdoors and love doing physical work to earn your living, then cutting wood and logging may be an ideal business for you. Having a talent for using a chainsaw is not all that's. Low-impact logging Alternatives to ATVs and heavy machinery in harvesting timber.

I can haul about 3/4 of a cord. I go down some very steep hills, and have never felt unsafe. ATV logging is very low impact - not zero impact, but very low. I log on acres (mainly for firewood - but there is the odd black cherry). Business and. LOGGING EQUIPMENT APPROPRIATE The devices described below are suitable for small-scale, low-impact logging in the San Juans, where parcels are small, tree growth is slow, soils are vulnerable to long-term damage, and the prominent commercial loggers are irresponsible.

(such a small business could provide a valuable and lucrative service. Jan 12,  · Most of the logging that I am involved in in considered low impact logging, I get involved in grading roadways and sitework for waterfront custom homes including slope stabilization, utilities, storm water control and building pads for some nice custom homes and ranches.

Low impact logging business plans
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