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I maintain that in such a situation he would have every right to escape if he could, and thus to deprive all of these potential people of their potential lives; for his right to life outweighs all of theirs together, in spite of the fact that they are all genetically human, all innocent, and all have a very high probability of becoming people very soon, if only he refrains from acting.

If Smith is caught displaying pornography, he could be fined. For we have no right to assume that genetic humanity is necessary for personhood. Abortion is morally permissible even in the case of Mary anne warren term abortion of a pregnancy which might inconvenience a vacation.

Reasoning the developed capacity to solve new and relatively complex problems. There are many reasons why infanticide is much more difficult to justify than abortion, even though if my argument is Mary anne warren neither constitutes the killing of a person.

Surely, if every speck of dust were a potential person, we would be much less apt to conclude that every potential person has a right to become actual. Killing a person may be wrong because a person has a future of value.

B The now pregnant woman knew this at the time. Moreover, killing any non-human animal would also be permissible. Philosophy scrutinizes basic assumptions such as these and tries to arrive at the conclusions best supported by reason.

Second, the severely deformed human.

Mary Anne Warren:

But still, they did it, and the violinist is now plugged into you. According to Warren, it is possible to show that the fetus in fact is not a person and thus abortion is in all cases permissible.

Warren considers the following anti-abortion argument: If a type of action is prima facie wrong, what this means is that the type of action is wrong in most cases, with exceptions in special circumstances that would justify the action. Given that the paradigm example of a person is a normal adult human being, then 1 How like this paradigm, in particular how far advanced since conception, does a human being need to be before it begins to have a right to life by virtue, not of being fully a person as of yet, but of being like a person?

Furthermore, I think that on reflection even the antiabortionists ought to agree not only that 1 - 5 are central to the concept of personhood, but also that it is a part of this concept that all and only people have full moral rights.

What we found, of course, was that arguments against the personhood status of the fetus were unsound - at least those that we considered were unsound - and arguments for the personhood status of the fetus were also unsound.

But there are surely better ways of dealing with these problems than by permitting infanticide in such cases. A woman wants to abort at seven months so that she can go to Europe. The fetus is not a person. They are as follows: Objections to Warren If killing fetuses is permissible because they are not full-fledged members of the moral community, then, by the same standard, killing newborns would be permissible as well.

She is not functioning as a person; that is what being asleep means. In other words, you have implicitly given your consent to be subject to those rules.


First, the question of which properties are essential for personhood is a non-empirical question. Clearly not being able to function as a person does not disqualify someone from personhood. First, the man or woman whose consciousness is permanently obliterated.View the profiles of people named Mary Anne Warren.

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Mary Anne Warren

Challenge to Traditional Anti-Abortion Argument Traditional Anti-Abortion Argument (). Mary Warren, “On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion”, Warren defends an extremely permissive view on abortion, according to which abortion is morally permissible at any stage of the pregnancy and under any circumstances.

Warren considers the following anti-abortion argument. On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion By Mary Anne Warren from Biomedical Ethics. 4th ed. T.A. Mappes and D. DeGrazia, eds.

New York: McGraw-Hill, Inc.pp. [notes not included] The question which we must answer in order to produce a satisfactory solution to the problem of the moral status.

Warren says-- though there may be something immoral in destroying potential people when doing so isn’t necessary to protect an\൹one’s rights ultimately whatever right to life a potential person has, is outweighed by the right of a woman to obtain an ab對ortion.

Title: Mary Anne Warren’s Personhood Argument in Favor of Abortion.

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Mary Anne Warren: On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion fetus is similar to a "guppy" for a person to be a member of a moral community there must be 5 traits: consciousness, reasoning, self motivating, communicative and possessed of self concept.

Mary anne warren
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