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The police force has yet to be restructured and vetted, and remains the most corrupt state institution in the eyes of the majority of Kenyans.

However, the ICC rejected the Kenyan admissibility challenge due to a lack of evidence of a genuine and capable national legal process. The Rift Valley was declared a Kenya African National Union zone, and other parties were warned against venturing into the area. The relationship between the government of Kenya and the ICC grew even more strained in the following days.

The ruling party dodged the reconciliation spirit of the talks and failed to read the intensity of local and international pressure to work on a solution to the impasse. This development inevitably led to the ICC investigation becoming a central campaign issue and an exceptionally divisive one.

Kibaki sharply increased the salary of members of parliament and divided almost all government posts among members of his own Kikuyu tribe. The revelations of the irregularities led to this tsunami of violence which wiped away lives never to be seen again.

Byover half of all arable land in the Northern Rift Valley, settled by Kalenjins, were in the hands of new Kikuyu buyers. One thing that the various sociologists and schools of thought have disagreed about is explaining what crime is.

Politics and Violence in Kenya Essay Sample

This is where creation of crime is instigated by pressure from the powerful in the society who fear any kind of threats to their vantage interests from which they recoup huge benefits by virtue of being at the top of the social strata.

This requirement was meant to mitigate the ethnically and geographically-centered politics of the past by necessitating a wider base of support that cuts across traditional ethnic, geographic and political cleavages. Initially, there was some doubt as to whether or not Kenyatta and Ruto were legally permitted to run for office due to newly-designed and implemented requirements based on good character and integrity, which many believed disqualified two people facing charges of crimes against humanity.

As candidates vied for support, two prominent figures — Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto — who hailed from historically contentious ethnic groups, decided to join forces and consolidate the power of their respective constituencies. This was the axiomatic case during the tenures of the first two presidents of the independent Kenya where arbitrary exercise of power was not hidden but expressly executed for all to see.

Raila Odinga is from the Luo tribe. A re-run of the elections would have been better, in my opinion, because the deal does acknowledge somebody as president who may not deserve that.

On the part of the Kalenjins, they witnessed their supposed ancestral land annexed by the independent government and dished out to mainly Kikuyu settlers after independence. Adama Dieng, the UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, traveled in February to Nairobi, where he spoke to the Kenyan authorities about the responsibility to protect citizens by preventing violence and strengthening the capacity to respond if necessary.

UN officials and agencies were also active in voicing their concern and support for the elections to run peacefully. For example, the Kenyatta trial had been originally scheduled to commence on 12 November Despite discontent over the ICC charges and the persistent, albeit decreased, use of ethnic identity and traditional animosities throughout the campaign, the elections, held on 4 Marchproceeded relatively peacefully.

However, it had not fulfilled most of the political pledges, particularly those to draw up a new constitution and end high-level corruption.

Kenya has a very strong central government. The country was not holding, and a bloodbath loomed after weeks of ethnic violence precipitated by a suspected electoral fraud that returned President Mwai Kibaki of the Party of National Unity to power.

The suggestion to deal with matters of transitional justice, encapsulated in the need for a justice, truth, and reconciliation organ, is still necessary and urgent. Partly, they have won positions on their own merits. When there were clear indications that Kibaki stole the elections of his rival Odinga, the Kenya election violence began.

The Kenyatta-Odinga contest was viewed as the primary competition in the race, as the two factions incorporated most major ethnic, political and geographic constituencies between them. Corruption In Kenya Corruption plagues the Kenyan economy. Another provision of the new governance framework set forth by the enactment of the new constitution is the mandatory creation of a designated seat for Kenyan women, with one required from each of the newly formed 47 counties.

As capitalism emerged ,forces of competitionresulted in unequal distribution of resources, avarice and individualism,then the poor would indulge in crime out of necessity and ultimately the power wielders would device means by which they punished the poor to protect their interests More essays like this: Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Like the celebrated Mau Mau episode in Kikuyu nationalism, the Kalenjins treasure their brave history too. When the colonial farmers departed, an expansive swathe of land was left uninhabited in a region previously owned by the Kalenjin and Maasai.

Related Articles Have colonial ghosts come back to haunt Kenya? Kenya was taking some big democratic steps forward.

Kenya’s Post-Election Violence

On 19 DecemberProsecutor Bensouda called for a delay in the Kenyatta trial, citing a need to gather new evidence following the withdrawal of two key witnesses. Utilitariansthe likes of Cesar beccaria and Jeremy Bentham argue that crime is as a result of rational choices and that man is a hedonistic creature who will weigh the costs incurred visa vis the benefits that accrue from such acts or omissions criminalized by the legal system.

Marxists define crime as protecting the interests of the powerful in the society. Under the new constitutionthe electoral commission is considered independent and beyond presidential control.

Kenyan officials, including Ruto, were quick to distance themselves from the letter, noting the governments continued willingness to cooperate with the Court. A host of local and international observers in the polls, including the European Union observation team and the Commonwealth, agreed in their reports that the December elections, particularly the presidential vote tallying, was marred with incompetence and spurious tallying.Jan 02,  · Kenya's disputed presidential election triggers an explosion of violence that has killed more than people, including dozens burned alive as they sought refuge in a church.

The Kenya Election Violence Explained. This page explains the backgrounds of the Kenya election violence. Also see my separate pages about current travel advice, a timeline of the events, the details of the power-sharing deal and the official election results.

On December 27th, elections took place for which the campaign had been going on for a full year. Following the announcement of presidential election results on December 30,Kenya ex- perienced the worst electoral violence since the inception of multiparty politics inleaving more than 1, people dead,displaced, and the country deeply divided.

1 Cost assess. Nov 18,  · Post-Election Violence Continues In Kenya, As Opposition Leader Returns Politically-fueled violence has broken out in Kenya again. Several people were killed in clashes between demonstrators and. the primaries has raised fears of both pre- and post-election violence surrounding Kenya’s national elections scheduled for August What are the prospects for violence in the upcoming elections in Kenya?

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PROSPECTS FOR VIOLENCE IN KENYA’S ELECTIONS By Dr. Alexander Noyes Chaotic primary elections in Kenya in April left two. The Crisis in Kenya In light of the apparent lack of accountability for the /08 post-election violence, Amnesty International stated in the aforementioned report that steps were taken to cover up and politically manipulate cases against security personnel.

Post election violence in kenya essays for scholarships
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