Problems of democracy in pakistan essay

Furthermore, the recent natural calamity, in the shape of floods, which has paralyzed our economy, is a real test for the government. Their politics mainly revolve around managing and strengthening family interests. So far as illiteracy is concerned, it is also a major root cause behind the failure of democracy in Pakistan.

Failure of Democracy in Pakistan

By the time the constitution was introduced a strong tradition of violation started, the political parties were divided and the assembly was unable to assert its primacy. Yes we cannot and they are our representatives. Global Warming is caused by many things.

Moreover, Pakistani society is divided along the fissures and faults of caste and sects that has retarded it to act like a cohesive unit and concentrate only on issues.

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Democracy is the product of wishes of the people and not of the desires of an elite few. In addition to, the towering terrorism and religious fanaticism is also an ultimate threat to the democracy. This responsibility is carried out in collaboration with others involved with the identification and management of communicable diseases.

Under the above said pitiful conditions, the failure of the government to tackle this challenge would be a failure of democracy itself. Resultantly, the seed of a great democratic culture, sowed by the great Quaid, never appeared to turn into a strong tree. Iskander Mirza took support of top bureaucracy and the military.

Fair and free elections are the key pre-requisite of democracy. However, democracy lacks substance unless the electoral process is coupled with the supremacy of the constitution, the rule of law, and civil and political rights and freedoms for the people.

But the Islamic provisions introduced by Zia ul-Haq persist, enabling the establishment to use Islam as an instrument of control and influence over the body politic. Causes of failure of democracy in Pakistan lies in our socio - political system. The recent celebration and positive commentary over parliament completing its term should not distract us from an ugly reality.

Its effects on animals and on agriculture are indeed frightening, and the effects on the human population are even scarier. Consequently, a weak and controlled media is a breed of fragile democracy.The South Asia Channel The problem with Pakistan’s democracy On Sunday, former military dictator Pervez Musharraf was at last given permission to run in the parliamentary elections scheduled for.

Failure of Democracy in Pakistan; Failure of Democracy in Pakistan. Similarly, the government has failed to address the problems of a common man effectively.

After having a dictatorial nightmare comprising of nine years, the ballet’s strength has revived the political norms of the country. ESSAY SAMPLE written strictly according to.

Political Problems of Pakistan Essay Sample

The below writing covers the Essay on democracy in Pakistan in easy words that include causes failure and Future of Democracy in Pakistan with an outline for ba and CSS in pdf ppt form.

Basically, Democracy is the highly used political notion in today’s world. After years of military dictatorships followed by sham democracy, the situation in Pakistan has reached such a point that the masses are yearning for radical change. Democracy Succeed In Pakistan Politics Essay.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: They boldly faced the situation and gradually solved the problems. The Pakistani movement was based on Muslims` inalienable rights of independence and the real implementation of democracy was one of the objectives of establishment of Pakistan.

In Pakistan.

Democracy in Pakistan

The problems with Democracy are the assumptions: 1. The best candidates; 2. Rational voters; 3. What are some of the major problems in democracy? Update Cancel.

The problem with Pakistan’s democracy

ad by TruthFinder. In Pakistan, Democracy is actually the means by which people choose their leaders who are accountable for their policies and their conduct in office. Abraham.

Problems of democracy in pakistan essay
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