Rhine river

In this flat-floored section the Rhine has been straightened and the banks reinforced to prevent flooding. There are a few other waterways connected to the Rhine that are often featured in river cruise itineraries.

With regard to itineraries — they change from year to year and sometimes within a Rhine river. Below Basel, however, the tributaries from the uplands, with their spring maximums at higher and winter maximums at lower elevations, increasingly moderate the unbalance.

The whole stretch of the Anterior Rhine to the Alpine Rhine confluence next to Reichenau in Tamins is accompanied by a long-distance hiking trail called Senda Sursilvana.

Obersee Lake Constance The flow of cold, grey mountain water continues for some distance into the lake. Later an artificial ditch of about two km was dug. Fly for free from select Rhine river, plus companion cruises for free on select Viking sailings Expires September It flows through the three valleys named RheinwaldSchams and Domleschg - Heinzenberg.

The rise of modern navigation began in the 19th century, Rhine river its present magnitude is attributable largely to four factors: Downstream, the regulated Neckarafter crossing the Oden uplands in a spectacular gorge as far as Heidelbergenters the Rhine at Mannheim ; and the Main leaves the plain of lower Franconian Switzerland for the Rhine opposite Mainz.

Second, the means of transport were improved by the introduction of steam-powered, and later diesel-powered, tugs; prior to the midth century, barges moving upstream were towed either by teams of horses or gangs of men.

At Bingen two navigation channels were blasted out in —32; canalization of the upper Rhine by confining it within an artificial bed and straightening its course was undertaken in — With the completion of the huge Delta Project in —constructed to prevent flooding in the southwestern coastal area of the Netherlands—all main branches of the Rhine were closed off; sluices and lateral channels now allow river water to reach the sea.

This is where ships pass Lorelei Rock, where legend says an irresistible siren once lured sailors to their deaths. When the Western Roman Empire disintegrated, the Rhine was crossed along its entire length by Germanic tribes ceand the river formed the central backbone first of the kingdom of the Franks and then of the Carolingian empire.

The Dutch and Belgian Waterways are also connected to the Rhine. Third, the waterway itself was improved, the stages of which are discussed above. This first treaty was simplified and revised in the Mannheim Convention ofwhich, with the extension in of all privileges to ships of all countries and not merely the riverine states, remains broadly speaking in force.

The Posterior Rhine rises in the Rheinwald below the Rheinwaldhorn. The Avers Rhine joins from the south. The middle Rhine is the most spectacular and romantic reach of the river.


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Rhine River Cruises

Anterior Rhine and Posterior Rhine[ edit ] Main articles: After three main valleys separated by the two gorges, Roflaschlucht and Viamalait reaches Reichenau in Tamins.

The water then follows the northern shore until Hagnau am Bodensee. Their place is taken by the Rhine—Herne Canal, completed in between Duisburg and Herne and linking the Rhine through the Dortmund—Ems Canal with the German North Sea coast and through the Mittelland Canal with the waterways of central and eastern Germany and eastern Europe; and by the less important Wesel—Datteln—Hamm Canalwhich runs parallel to the lower course of the Lippe.

Fly for free from select gateways on certain Avalon Waterways departures. The Anterior Rhine Romansh: The Albula draws its water mainly from the Landwasser with the Dischmabach as the largest source stream, but almost as much from the Gelgiawhich comes down from the Julier Pass.

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Nearby, on the other side of the Sertigis the Rinerhorn. Navigation on the upper Rhine, despite the further improvements made aftersuffers from seasonal variations of flow and the swift current. Although variations in flow are evened out by Lake Constancewhich is fed by upland streams as well as by the Rhine and which also acts as a filterthey are increased again by the confluence with the Aare, which on an average carries more water than the Rhine.

Late November and December sailings, known as Christmas market cruises, are quite popular. On the right bank, the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein dominates the Rhine where the Lahn tributary enters.Rhine River tours and things to do: Check out Viator's reviews and photos of Rhine River tours.

The Rhine River boat cruises available on TourRadar offer some of the most beautiful escapes from the day to day norm.

Find one that suits you. Rhine sailings are among the most popular river cruises in Europe. Many itineraries travel between Amsterdam and Basel in Switzerland, and some incorporate other rivers as well. Join us on an active Rhine River cruise as it meanders through a landscape steeped in history.

By water, bike & on foot, you'll enjoy the trip of a lifetime! Find facts, maps, and information about The Rhine River. The Rhine River flows through 6 countries and serves as a link between Southern and Northern Europe.

Rhine River

Rhine River: Rhine River, river and waterway of western Europe, culturally and historically one of the great rivers of the continent and among the most important arteries of industrial transport in the world.

It flows from two small headways in the Alps of east-central Switzerland north and west to the North Sea, into which it drains through the Netherlands.

Rhine river
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