Uses and abuses of newspapers

Thus newspapers play prominent role in a democracy. Packing supplies — Instead of using bubble wrap in packages, shred newspaper and use it to protect items. Newspapers are affordable mass medium.

Moreover, newspapers help in developing reading habits. They raise voice against the cruelties committed on the people.

Every morning we eagerly wait for the newspaper to come.

Even people of low income can afford newspapers. Newspapers have great educative value. Make money — If you have a paper from a historic day you can easily make a couple bucks.

The paper protects the floor from mud stains. Those interested in sports can learn about their favorite sports stars.

It shapes public opinion and influences government policies and decisions. Clean windows and mirrors — To keep my windows and mirrors squeaky clean and lint free I like to use newspaper to wipe them clean.

Newspapers give report about important business activities.

458 words essay on newspaper and its uses

Newspapers give us information about the happenings and developments taking place in any part of the world. Since this can be messy, stick the paper in pastic bags to protect your belongings.

They also make the public familiar with the comments of expert on various issues. Origami sculptures — Need an inexpensive activity to do with kids? Gift wrap — A couple years ago, I wrote about using newspaper as gift wrap. Seedling pots — I recently shared how to make newspaper pots to start seedlings.

They are important medium of mass communication.10 Uses for Newspaper.

There are ways to use the news once the headlines get old—and before you recycle it. By Mark Feirer of This Old House magazine. Photo by Keate. Photo by Keate. We're all watching more news than we read, but there's still plenty of newspaper to recycle—about 9 million tons every year. Here are other ways to.

I've been very inspired by repurposing projects I've seen on other blogs. Consequently, I've been looking for new uses for common items that I would typically throw away or into the recycling bin.

10 Uses for Newspaper

Last week, I shared different uses for plastic grocery bags. This week, I'm taking on another recycling bin occupant--newspapers. You've probably tried a lot. 20 uses for old newspaper. faungg / Flickr. Remember when newspapers sold out when Obama won the presidency?

If you have a copy you could try selling it online. Preserve shape – Use it in boots, bags, and hats to preserve their shape. Since this can be messy, stick the paper in pastic bags to protect your belongings. Uses And Abuses Of Newspapers “Last year alone, 37, people died from drug related overdoses.” Many people do not understand why or how other people become addicted to drugs.

Substance abuse is a growing problem that not only affects the person who is abusing alcohol or drugs but also affects the lives of those who are close to the abuser. 14 Clever New Uses for Old Newspapers Reading the morning newspaper is a relaxing ritual for many people, but unfortunately, this admirable habit results in the waste of a lot of paper.

20 uses for old newspaper

Rather. What are uses for the newspaper? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 3 Answers. Tan Jie Ying, year old writer. Here, In The Gambia the most common use of newspapers, apart from reading them, is probably to have newspaper pages to wrap around the bread.

So bread is sold here.

Uses and abuses of newspapers
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