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Discography[ edit ] version Donaueschinger Musiktage — All notes continuous The sound texture is perforated by rests, sounding like Morse code All notes in the texture make glissandos All notes have tremolos or trills The note attacks are "verticalised" into a succession of chords Some of these textures can be combined.

In these negative structures, the situation is reversed. Also issued on 75 Jahren Donaueshinger Musiktage — There are six basic triangular shapes, with the nucleus at one apex Stockhausen Deutsche Grammophon LP The usual conception is that sounds are heard as being projected against a background of silence.

Each of these six shapes may be composed in any of six textures Stockhausen32— This situation suggested the idea of negative forms. The "holes" therefore are the music Stockhausen Both durations and pitches are distributed through the use of permutationswhich serve as an aid to repetition, without repeating exactly the same thing.

Diversity in unity is the principle wesentliche punkte business plan permutation, in dividing the larger elements into their smaller components Stockhausen References[ edit ] Attinello, Paul. A Biography, translated by Richard Toop.

Each isolated tone of the version was used as a "nucleus", and these nuclei were composed out into a variety of complex figures. Analysis[ edit ] Punkte is divided into overarching sections, characterised by sets of shapes and textures.

Universal Edition, [], c". Lanham, Maryland, Toronto, Oxford: The Scarecrow Press, Inc. Kompositorische Grundlagen Neuer Musik: Sustained clusters are made to sound for a comparatively long time, from which some of the sounds are erased. Auflage der gedruckten Fassung For example, the opening section of Punkte combines normal tones and trills Stockhausen The Music of Karlheinz Stockhausen.

The nucleus tone is sustained while other pitches expand below it into a band: A band of sound begins, and the lower notes ascend until only the nucleus is left at the top: A band of sound begins, and the upper notes descend until only the nucleus is left at the bottom: Similarly, there are places where the triangular sound shapes overlap so densely due to the density of the points in the structure of the original version that the entire space is filled with sound, leaving no silences.

The first two shapes are combined, so that pitches fan out in both directions to form a band both above and below the nucleus The third and fourth shapes are combined, so that a band of pitches narrows toward the nucleus at the centre The vertical width of each pitch band is controlled by a serial distribution of chromatic intervals, from a single tone, via the minor secondmajor secondminor thirdand so on up to a major seventh Stockhausen Die Grundlegung der Musik Karlheinz Stockhausens.

The nucleus tone is sustained while other pitches expand above it into a band: In his Texte zur Musik 3: Notes, second series, 55, no.

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k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘punkte’ hashtag. wesentliche Punkte pl and the establishment plan including officials and temporary staff, as well as an overview of contract staff and national experts, and stating changes in relation to the previous year.

required for business [ ] purposes (aggregate risk cover) is carried out in the risk-bearing capacity. Punkte (Points) is an orchestral composition by Karlheinz Stockhausen, given the work number ½ in his catalogue of works.

Enter a text into the text field and highlight one or several words with the mouse to look up a translation. Wozu braucht man einen Business-Plan?

8/ Aufbau, Form und Inhalt des Businessplans bestimmen auf das Wesentliche konzentrieren. Zusatz- und Hintergrundinformationen werden daher im Anhang (Appendix) diese Punkte sollen dargelegt werden.

Wesentliche punkte business plan
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