Writing a business charter for sustainable development

It has now been updated and broadened to reflect a more holistic business approach to new global realities helping companies to manage economic, societal, and environmental considerations in their operations.

The good news is that businesses, due to their competitive natures, are in the best position to constantly adapt and learn from their experiences. Fast growth in the world population, with 9 billion predicted by The Charter was subsequently updated in andwith the latest version reflecting the new approach to sustainable development and its economic, societal, and environmental dimensions.

Focusing on local problems: The Charter is designed to provide a practical framework including tools for businesses of all sectors and geographies to help them shape their own business sustainability strategy.

Corporate priority To recognise environmental management as among the highest corporate priorities and as a key determinant to sustainable development; to establish policies, programmes and practices for conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner.

Contributing to the common effort To contribute to the development of public policy and to business, governmental and intergovernmental programmes and educational initiatives that will enhance environmental awareness and protection. This Charter is founded on the belief that we can continue to grow our economies sustainably and support societal development, in spite of these megatrends and associated environmental pressures if the below principles are followed and implemented.

Two global megatrends are challenging traditional notions of growth and development: By signing it, companies commit themselves to respecting its 16 principles for environmental management. Updated to reflect new realities For more than two decades the original ICC Charter for Sustainable Development has been recognized and applied around the world as a guiding set of principles upon which businesses have established their own environmental and human resources management systems.

English translation by Raul Rios. They try to understand the local issues and problems, to work jointly towards solutions adapted to those contexts.

Process of improvement To continue to improve corporate policies, programmes and environmental performance, taking into account technical developments, scientific understanding, consumer needs and community expectations, with legal regulations as a starting point, and to apply the same environmental criteria internationally.

During the last couple of decades, pushed by a society empowered by the ability to freely and easily access information, corporations and businesses have become more and more focused on making sure responsible practices and SDGs are at the core of their business strategies.

Local and global alliances: The majority of businesses suggest promoting constant dialogue with internal groups and local communities.

Guiding principles to integrate sustainability into business objectives and management systems Many businesses of all sectors and sizes have already taken up the call, individually or in collaboration, creating good practices and examples of how business can pursue continuous improvement towards sustainable development.

Emergency preparedness To develop and maintain, where significant hazards exist, emergency preparedness plans in conjunction with emergency services, relevant authorities and the local community, recognizing potential transboundary impacts ICC has more than 80 years of experience as an international body representing the interests of businesses in all sectors, all over the world.

ICC Business Charter for Sustainable Development 2015

One of the greatest challenges of the Agenda for Sustainable Development also tends to be one of its advantages: The Charter aims to: Contractors and suppliers To promote the adoption of these principles by contractors acting on behalf of the enterprise, encouraging and, where appropriate, requiring improvements in their practices to make them consistent with those of the enterprise; and to encourage the wider adoption of these principles by suppliers.

More importantly, all the companies recognize that their main way of complying with the SDGs is through their business activities. This is reflected by a number of studies National Bureau of Economic Research y MIT demonstrating that businesses adopting sustainable strategies and practices improve their competitiveness and have better medium and long-term economic results.

The challenge is on us all to adapt — policymakers, society, and businesses. Fortunately, within the context of the Agenda for Sustainable Development, the business sector has ceased to be considered a foreign element, or even an obstacle to sustainable development.

This is especially relevant for small and medium enterprises SMEs. Customer advice To advise and, where relevant, educate customers, distributors and the public in the safe use, transportation, storage and disposal of products provided, and to apply similar considerations to the provision of services.

Its membership extends to more than countries and includes thousands of business organizations and enterprises with international interests. Due to the problems that rural populations faced in trying to access bank services, the company had to find an innovative solution by utilizing SMS codes in order to pay the laborers.

Transfer of technology To contribute to the transfer of environmentally sound technology and management methods throughout the industrial and public sectors. Work in harmony with existing practices, national and international guidelines, as well as standards on all aspects of sustainability.

Governments must work with companies and businesses in new and innovative ways to promote responsible private investment, public wellbeing and collective action.

These should be combined with new forms of collaborations and innovation to leverage synergies with others for long-term value creation. Bottom up and top down actions pursued simultaneously by governments and business in support of sustainable growth.

The nature of universality entails diversity, which requires flexibility and adaptation. Integrated management To integrate these policies, programmes and practices fully into each business as an essential element of management in all its functions. Prior assessment To assess environmental impacts before starting a new activity or project and before decommissioning a facility or leaving a site.

ICC Business Charter for Sustainable Development

As matter of fact, sustainability in business is an essential component which allows international organizations and business alike to succeed. Working together, these challenges could be addressed in the next 14 years.

Each principle can be furthered through the use of a number of existing internationally renowned guidance documents, standards and tools developed by ICC and other organizations. Efforts by all actors to reconcile short-term pressures with longer-term strategies to deal with the multiplicity of economic, societal, and environmental challenges and opportunities in an integrated manner.Sustainable Development: the most important business of all businesses By Ignacio Álvaro, Specialist in Management and Leadership of Public Organizations and Development at.

Taking It to the Class: Green Projects for the Classroom. Source: Education for Sustainable Development. Credit: Veer From Farm to Table. business executives, and city officials as they advocate for and against building a power plant in a low-income minority neighborhood.

Together, they assess the economic, environmental, and social. Business Charter for Sustainable Development - Business contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals Document No.

/ International Chamber of Commerce | 1 Table of Content. ICC Business Charter for Sustainable Development Case studies for this topic The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is a non-governmental organization serving world business.

the Charter of the United Nations, with full respect for international law and its principles, was Sustainable Development Financing will propose options for a sustainable development ˜nancing seek to complete the un˜nished business of the Millennium Devel-opment Goals and respond to new challenges.

They constitute an integrated. Fortunately, when environmental crisis begin to affect business activities, when unethical behavirors begin to bring about side effects to business development, more and more corporates have realized the necessity to perform in a sustainable and ethical way, not only for its stakeholders but also for whole society, as well as for a sound future development space.

Writing a business charter for sustainable development
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